null 35th Session of CCMAS - Useful information

35th Session of CCMAS - Useful information

35th Session of CCMAS - Useful information
2013. november 12, kedd

35th Session of CCMAS

The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Director-General of the World Health Organization have the honour to extend an invitation to attend the above Session which will be held in the Aquincum Hotel Budapest (former Ramada Plaza Hotel), Árpád Fejedelem útja 94, 1036 Budapest, at the kind invitation of the Government of Hungary. The Session will begin at 10.00 a.m. on Monday 3 March 2014. Registration facilities will open at 9.00 a.m.

Codex Contact Points and international organizations with observer status with the Codex Alimentarius Commission are kindly requested to use the online registration system by accessing the following link:

In case of technical difficulty the registration may also be sent to the Hungarian Codex Contact Point (National Food Chain Safety Office, Directorate for Food Safety Risk Assessment, H-1581 Budapest 146., Pf. 56. Hungary, e-mail:; Fax: +36 1 387 9400), with a copy to the Secretariat, Codex Alimentarius Commission, at the above address.


VISA Requirements

Hungary is part of the group of Schengen Countries. Valid visa to any of those countries is automatically accepted in Hungary as well.

Please take note that NO visa can be given at the airport upon arrival!

Participants who travel first time to Hungary and must have entry visa are advised to contact the Hungarian Embassy in their home country and enquire about the conditions and time required for obtaining visa, or download relevant information from: - scrolling down in the middle you could select the countries for all contacts.

Those participants who would need endorsement letter from the organizers for the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should provide a scanned copy of your passport with the necessary information (name, affiliation, passport number) to the technical Secretariat of the CCMAS. Please, consider that for VISA request only an original, signed and stamped endorsement letter can be accepted, therefore it can last for some days to mail the letters. VISA process is suggested to start 6 weeks before the target date of entry to Hungary.


Please find here the invitation, agenda, registration form, hotel booking form and information booklet for the 35th Session of the Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling (Budapest, Hungary, 3-7 March 2014):







Registration Form - 35. CCMAS_2014_March_3_7

Registration Form -The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

35. CCMAS_2014_Updated_Information booklet

Meeting Technical information_35thCCMAS_2014

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