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Welcome to the official website of the first edition of the Hungarian National Forest Inventory

This site presents a huge mass of statistical data gathered in a five-year process, in a manner that meets international requirements. In addition, the website offers information regarding the nation-wide surveying process, the analysis of the gathered data and a proper interpretation of the results.

You can also read information about our institution, the history and future of forest inventory and its current methodology. You can also find a collection of technical definitions

The backbone of the website can be found under the Data menu, including a General data section, which includes the most important nationwide data series. Statistics are available in a variety of breakdowns by territorial units, while the Compile table function fulfills special requirements by providing a wide array of possibilities. The application of the statistics and the interpretation of the database are, in many cases, aided by graphs. Exports of the tables were included in order to have a more direct access.

It would be hard to summarise all the given possibilities, so I can only encourage You to explore our website.

I trust you will find it worth the effort!


                                                                                                              Károly Wisnovszky 


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